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Unhinged Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Slams $4500 EV Tax Credit for Union Laborers

When American politics affect its auto industry, it's usually in ways that aren't conducive to headlines or even marginally entertaining journalism. But the latest remarks by the Democratic party's most conservative lawmaker by a country mile has just aimed his sights directly at the blossoming EV sector and the union labor that builds them.
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One of the many provisions of President Biden's multi-trillion dollar social spending plan includes a tax credit for union-employed laborers who wish to buy a new electric vehicle. In a true wolf in sheep's clothing move, Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin's thinly-veiled diet-Republican politics were on full display in response to this addition to the bill.

First reported by the news team at Reuters, Senator Manchin was quoted as using words like "Wrong" and "Un-American." At a conference held by Toyota at its West Virginia-based engine and transmission assembly plant." We shouldn't use everyone's tax dollars to pick winners and losers," the hyper-conservative Democratic said of the provision. One of the hundreds in one of the largest spending bills ever drafted.

Reports of specific details about the provision show that up to $12,500 in tax credits are proposed under the current formatting, including the extra $4,500 for union employees. As one of the most notorious union-busting politicians on either the Democrat or Republican side, the polarizing Joe Manchin made it abundantly clear he'd rather be dead in the cold, hard ground before allowing such a provision to go through unchanged.

Questions about possible corruption concerning Manchin's ties to the coal, petrochemical, and anti-green tech lobbying industries have brought the perpetually controversial West Virginia Senator's integrity into question. Further scandals in the form of the Senator's wife and daughter engaging in price gouging of Epipens only did more to drive doubt about the career D.C. politician's questionable scruples.

With The President's plans hanging largely on his support, as well as other conservative Democrats like Kiersten Sinema, it appears Manchin has no problem at all holding his own party and the American voter at large hostage while he and his family laugh off to the bank. As much as EVs are more so collateral damage to Manchin's pathological hatred of labor unions, they could still have lasting effects on all-electric car purchasing in the near future.


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