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Unfastened Load Flies All Over Russian Road

When driving your car, while having a trailer hitched and carrying objects which could fly away, you must always be 100% sure that all of them are fastened down correctly. If they aren’t, something like this could happen and it may even go so far as to injure other motorists.
Take this Russian driver, who is just driving his Lada along, when all of a sudden, some sort of plastic plates fly out of the back of his trailer. Thankfully, they didn’t hit anything, but if they would have done so, the one unlucky enough to get struck by them would definitely have needed some bodywork repairs and a repaint.

If the one being hit was a motorbike rider, then things would have been even worse! Just keep this and the highway motorbike video in mind the next time you carry something, and don’t leave before you are 100% sure that everything is locked in place!


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