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Unearthly Lucky Rider Escapes Utter Obliteration in Mind-Blowing Crash

There’s luck, and there’s luck, but after watching this insane video, you’ll most likely going to start questioning the accuracy of whatever definition you have for this term. The footage was recorded by a car’s dashboard camera in Russia and shows a very brutal crash between two cars, with a motorcyclist almost caught between the two vehicles.
Unbelievable luck 1 photo
It goes without saying that the odds of this lucky fellow not being splattered into a bloody mess of pulp, broken bone, and contorted metal were null, had he been crashed into by the car approaching from the front.

The footage is short, and the quality is anything but great, so determining the exact causes of the crash is a bit difficult. The first thing that comes to mind is that the driver of the grey car was going quite fast, trying to overtake all the cars in front of him/her, if possible.

Approaching a vehicle that was significantly slower than expected, the driver might have panicked and hit the brakes hard while cringing to the steering wheel and veering into incoming traffic while trying to avoid rearending the other car.

We’ve seen this type of morons who drive fast despite being unskilled and utterly unable to master their cars at that speed, and who crash like idiots when the smallest thing goes wrong. Also, we’ve seen so many mindless fellows steering in the way of incoming traffic while trying to avoid hitting a pothole, so there’s nothing new about such crashes.

We must, however, observe that the driver of the white SUV manages to brake fractions of a second before the impact, most likely beginning to understand that the inevitable is about to happen.

Watching the video in slow motion, we see that the incredibly lucky rider only hits the brakes milliseconds before the impact... and good for him. Had he been a split second slower, he would have been clipped by the grey car, with results we don’t even want to think about. One of the rare cases when the lack of reaction or the lack of enough time for one proves to be the thing that saves the day...


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