Unbelievably Stupid Motorcycle Rider Near Miss

Stupid people are to be encountered on pretty much any road, but every now and then some guys show a paralyzing stupidity and we cannot help asking ourselves how do they make it to remain alive and well.
It's the case of this motorcycle rider whose actions we fail to understand even after repeatedly watching the footage. Some say he acts like trying to kill himself and changes mind in the last moment. Well, he could have simply gone throttling all the way up an run into something, if need be.

Another theory tries to explain his action by claiming he was in some sort of dark jokes mood and tried to “scare” the Lada (looks like one) driver. This type of humor should end up behind bars, if you ask me.

The only explanation I believe to be closer to the truth is that the rider is simply appaulingly stupid and his license should be suspended for a rather long time. Just imagine the sight of the car crashing directly into the bike... Hopefully the police saw this footage and got the guy.
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