Unbelievable Scooter Rider with a Death Wish?

I have to be honest, such footage as the video after the jump really freaks me out. I’ve seen my fair share of accidents, flips, spills, high- and low-speed wipeouts, had riding brethren involved in fatal crashes, but they were all in a way connected to riding… whereas this fellow doesn’t appear to have anything in common with being behind the bars on public roads.
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Photo: Liveleak
After having watched this rather disturbing video several times, I guess that using too many words on the absence of any riding equipment would simply be futile, as this seems to be the last of this guy’s problems. Some buddies of mine suggested that the fellow might be DUI-ing on drugs or plain, good-old vodka, since the video appears to have been recorded in Russia, or simply an exceptionally clumsy rider, still alive only by some mysterious, quantum physics odds.

Whichever of these two suppositions may be true, or even worse - in case this fellow was sober, such encounters are definitely not predicting a long, happy life. We see each day riders who fall or run off the road into the surroundings due to improper speed through the bends, and making all sorts of similar mistakes.

However, watching this fellow veering left in the way of incoming traffic on a straight road sector is sending chills down the spine. Now, truth be told, maybe this is how much does this guy value his own life and well-being, but the innocent driver who would impact him head-on and most likely kill him does definitely doesn’t deserve all that comes with such an accident.

It may sound a bit harsh, but honestly, some guys should not be allowed to operate any type of vehicles on a public road…

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