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Ultra-Luxurious Cadillac Sedan Still Under Consideration

The Cadillac flagship sedan story is rapidly turning into a soap opera based on the annoying “now we want it, now we don’t” plot. The US automaker is pondering such a vehicle for some years now, but it only managed to come up with the Sixteen and Ciel concepts. Both are highly-spectacular, but too flashy and expensive to be considered for production.
Cadillac Ciel concept 1 photo
Earlier this week, Automotive News reported that Cadillac decided to ditch the $100,000+ rear-wheel drive high-performance sedan project because it was too expensive and "didn't offer enough brand-building pizzazz”. Fair enough if you ask us, but The Detroit Bureau now claims that Cadillac is still working on some sort of large luxury vehicle. “There is still (an) awfully good chance another idea in the bullpen will fill that spot,” a source close to Cadillac said.

While the company’s actual plans on the matter are still foggy, word has it more details will be revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August, when Cadillac will unveil a new large luxury concept vehicle.

Story via TheDetroitBureau


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