Ukrainian Petrol Station Gives Free Gas to Bikini-Clad Women

A Kyiv petrol station, bless their hearts, decided to give free petrol to customers that arrived there wearing bikinis. What followed has shocked the entire world, but in a good way.
Ukrainian Petrol Station Gives Free Gas to Bikini-Clad Women 1 photo
Dozens of hotties arrived at the gas station on September 26, wearing the same costumes they would while at the back. Why? Because of a clever marketing strategy we hope will catch on. The deal was that if you show up in your bikini, the fill-up is free.

Of course, some men pulled a troll move as well and decide a tank of gas was worth being filmed in woman's clothing. Is that a gas nozzle or are you just very happy to see us, sir?

Anyway, some of the women that turned up were drop-dead-gorgeous. Our favorite is Yelena, a brunette in a sexy white number that learned about the promotion from her husband and arrived to fill a Mitsubishi Lancer.

Another local beauty named Viktoria said free gas gives people a good feeling. "It gives positive emotions. It's not summer anymore; it's autumn, the end of the swimming season. But it is still possible to see young women wearing bikinis," she said after filling her Kia Cerato Koup.

Following Russia's invasion of Eastern Ukraine, the people are in dire need of a pick-me-up. Winter hits this region of the world harder than most, as temperatures often hit the low 20s.

According to UA Today, the country is facing not just the weather, but also economic hardships. The highest inflation rate since 1996 and a 6.8% economic contraction last year means there's not enough money to go around.

"I think (women do it ) in order to save their money, or to fill in their husband's car. I think it's mostly about money, not about fun," said one customer.

What's funny is that nobody sees this as an exploitation of woman's beauty. In America or Britain, activists would shut down that gas station faster than you can tweet #bikiniday.

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