UK Survey Shows Motorcycles Are The Least Stressful Commuting Vehicles

Here’s one more reason why you should get into riding a motorcycle if you aren’t already doing so. A new survey in the UK shows you’re less stressed if you ride a motorcycle during your commute than sticking with the more traditional means of transportation.
UK Motorcyclist 1 photo
Photo: Wikimedia
Insurance specialist Lexham recently completed a survey on the average British commute, and, among the results, it found out that a motorcyclist will arrive at work less stressed than other types of commuters.

The study was performed on 2,000 UK commuters, who got asked: “Which methods of commuting do you think are most stressful?”. As you can imagine, cars are the worst with a 41 percent result, because, well, they are everywhere and tend to get stuck in traffic jams.

Next come buses with 37 percent, because they might occasionally get caught in traffic and you have to travel with all sorts of people. The subway follows with 26%, mostly probably due to delays and the crowded trains.

Bicycles came in fourth place, scoring an 8 percent, as they are highly maneuverable, don’t use any fuel other than manpower and can get through tight gaps in traffic. However, you might occasionally start a bit of road rage when some lunatic driver doesn’t see you and puts you in danger.

Finally, motorcycles were voted as the least stressful means of transportation, scoring a 6%. I’m sure we didn’t need a survey to tell that.

The ability to legally filter through rows of sitting cars, the awesome engine noise, and the general feeling of freedom you get from riding a motorcycle are way better than sitting in any metal cage with or without other passengers.

It’s a more personal experience, and even if some careless driver will occasionally bother you, it won’t be long until you’ll get into your happy mood again because, you know, everyone around is waiting their time while you’re going ahead unrestricted.
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