U.K. Police To Use Marking Spray On Motorcycle Thieves

If you’ve been around during the last months, you’d be aware that motorcycle/scooter crime in London beat any record and that’s happening because a dumb law that is now allowing the police to pursue riders of any kind. Well, after all this time the cops came with an idea!
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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
If they aren’t allowed to go after the bad guys, at least they can mark them for later investigations. According to a BBC report, a spray that links suspected moped and motorcycle criminals to a crime scene is being tested by the Metropolitan Police.

The substance used would stick to clothing or other equipment worn by the law breakers and its unique chemical footprint will be visible under ultraviolet light.

If the current tests turn out positive, the police plans on giving such sprays to other riders, community members, and officers to tag thieves caught red handed.

Crime on two wheels has increased tenfold since 2014, when a young boy named Henry Hicks crashed his moped and died while running from the police, thus limiting the law forces when it comes to pursuing bikers or scooterists.

This basically allowed muggers to steal mopeds and use them in all sorts of robberies, from stealing phones or purses from inattentive pedestrians to nicking expensive motorcycles in plain sight.

Knowing that the police can’t really do much to them, some might try to steal heavily secured motorcycles during the day even in heavily circulated areas. They usually come in a pack of four, arrive by scooters next to the target and shamelessly start breaking chains and disc locks.

Come too close, and you might get hammered or sprayed with acid. Once the motorcycle is free, it usually gets pushed away using one of the scooters, which are also stolen.

Some of these bastards have even created social media pages where they brag with their wrongdoings. Most of them are aged between 15 and 20 years old.
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