UK Motorcycle Thief Films Himself Running From Police And Doing Harm

The video you are about to see here is one great reason why the UK Police needs to be allowed to pursue riders. It is unacceptable for someone to be this rude and destructive and get away with it in a modern society.
Thief scooter rider 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
As with other countries out there, Britain has a few stupid laws, and one of them translates into police officers being forbidden to pursue a biker/scooterist if it can increase the danger to him or the public.

This quite stupid rule apparently started back in 2014, when Henry Hicks, an 18-year-old carpenter from Islington died in a crash after he lost control of his moped while running from the police.

While we understand how disastrous his death was for his family and friends, his case basically limited the police from intervening in all sort of felonies done using a two-wheeled vehicle.

In plain words, if you strap on a helmet and ride an unmarked scooter around London, you can usually get away with theft, since the police will rather stop following you. Moreover, the heavy traffic will also give you the mobility advantage.

This explains why motorcycle and scooter thefts are on the rise in the UK along with the thieves’ courage to do it in plain sight. Try to stop them, and you might get smacked with a tool or sprayed with acid in the face.

Not only they do this, but the hooligans now have the nerve to bully others, film their selves and post it on the Internet. Like this guy and his girlfriend (apparently) who ride along the streets of London on a scooter terrorizing people and mocking the police for not being allowed to pursuit them.

These idiots are now free, can hurt innocent people and get away with it. They are also the reason why the motorcycle community is getting bad reputation, so if you have any details about them, do make the world a favor and call the police.

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