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UK Laws Change in Favor of TT-Like Road Racing Events

The British Deregulation Bill is about to be changed this year, and its new form will make organizing road racing events such as the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) a lot easier. According to MCN, the British Prime Minister David Cameron has discussed the matter during a visit at the Williams F1 team headquarters.
Racing in the Isle of Man TT 1 photo
A new amendment to the new Deregulation Bill are aimed at providing the local councils with more decisional power when it comes to all the prerequisites needed to organize a TT-style race. The idea has been considered for some time now, with a public consultation launched earlier this spring, and it looks like the Brits will have a new, effective law before the end of this year.

All in all, it’s about closing pubic roads for such events. Currently a road can only be closed by a special act issued by… the Parliament. Not only will this move free the British Parliament from having to deal with such matters of a purely local interest, but it could be a huge step towards bringing such road racing events back in the mainland UK. So far, such races can only take place in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, after being banned in certain countries and abandoned many years ago because of the risks they come with.

The law will put the local councils in the position of being able to issue road closing orders with ease, for road racing events. Consulting with the local communities will be mandatory prior to closing a road segment. Even more, the local authorities have better knowledge of the particular needs of certain areas and could organize everything with increased efficiency.

It’s not a secret that the organizers of the Isle of Man TT are dreaming of being able to put up a bigger racing calendar of similar competitions, which could be held in various locations around the UK and even the world. The Government of the Isle of Man repeatedly said that with the proper legal aspects solved, such a road racing series could become reality, provided financial help from the British state or a sponsor could be secured.

Not sure whether the UK will invest money in a world series TT, but creating the best legal environment for more events in the mainland is definitely one of the best things the Parliament can do in this affair.


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