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UK Drivers Increasingly Take to Eating Behind the Wheel

We have drive-in fast food, snacks to buy at the gas station and there’s also the traditional box lunch, so it shouldn’t really surprise us that people are eating at the wheel, even while driving. But this can be dangerous, a you might not have have your wits about you when it’s time to take a split-second decision, and it’s also reportedly a health risk due to the bacteria inside a car.
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According The Telegraph, a recent study has found that one in every seven drivers in the UK a having meals while behind the wheel The poll was made by Calor Gas company and found that almost half of 18 to 24-year olds do this, while the practice is much rarer with people over the age of 55.

The youngsters also have messier cars (we can attest to this), as they admitted to having empty wrapper (hopefully for food), bottles and other litter.

''Identifying the trend of 'dashboard diners' has been very revealing for us as it shows just how busy people's lifestyles are today, with many people grabbing food while on the go,”
says Gaynor Willmott from Calor.


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