UFO Hovering Over Stadium Stops Traffic in New Jersey, Turns Out to Be a Blimp

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At this point, 2020 has (hopefully) thrown the worst at us already: we’ve had an international health crisis (and still do), riots and protests, fires and floods, and even swarms of locusts. What we did not have is a visit from our possibly-friendly but very camera-shy alien neighbors.
This would have been peak 2020, had it been true: an UFO hovering over New Jersey, apparently indifferent to the madness it was causing on a nearby highway, floating in circles and shining mysterious lights on the ground. This could be a scene from The X Files but it actually happened on Monday, over the MetLife Stadium, Jalopnik confirms.

Motorists on a nearby highway spotted the UFO right away (how could they not?!) and pulled over to wonder out loud and, of course, record the moment with their phones. Videos were immediately posted to social media (Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, you name it), where they went viral: here was proof that 2020 could – and did! – get worse, as aliens had just dropped by for a visit.

You can see some samples of the videos circulated online in the tweets below. For very understandable reasons, there is a lot of foul language in most of them, so we can’t embed more; but these are enough to help you get an idea of the insanity happening on the road. Traffic came to a near-stop because people couldn’t believe their eyes.

As it turns out, the UFO was a Goodyear blimp – the “Wingfoot One,” to be more precise. Since the New York Giants were playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Stadium, the blimp was in the air to shoot footage from high above, as it’s known to do. That’s why it was hovering in one place or moving in circles.

The blimp stayed in the air for 39 minutes, and the entire flight was, as expected, recorded and tracked. At this point, there’s a good chance not even the aliens want to have anything to do with us.

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Editor's note: Please note that the footage included contains graphic language that might offend.

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