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UFC Fighter Calls Out Musk Over Delayed Tesla Delivery and Joe Rogan Loves It

The last person you'd want to hear calling out your name is a UFC fighter that has just come out victorious out of a heavily disputed match. Not that the one who got defeated would be much less intimidating, to be fair.
Beneil Dariush calls out Elon Musk after UFC fight 1 photo
Working as the CEO of a car company, you'd think you'd be safe. Hell, you could even expand into space exploration, AI development, and tunnel digging, and you could still feel like you've kept a fair enough distance from anything that could upset a mixed-martial-arts specialist. However, as it turns out, you'd be wrong from the first account.

On Saturday night, Elon Musk's name came out at the least likely moment. Beneil Dariush, an American (Iranian-born) fighter specialized in Brazilian jiujitsu, had just won his match against Tony Ferguson with a decision when he spotted Joe Rogan heading his way with a microphone in hand and a camera rolling behind him.

Spotting the chance, Beneil ended his winner's speech by sending a message to the Tesla CEO: "Joe, I wanna call out your buddy. Elon Musk, where is my wife's car, bro?" he demanded, sending Joe into a hysterical laughing fit. "I've been waiting six months," he continues, "I've had a baby, I need a good car, I have to protect my daughter. Let's go, Elon, get me my car!"

Well, as you'd expect, Tesla's PR department (a.k.a. Elon Musk) responded promptly over its preferred channel, Twitter, simply saying, "Coming soon. Sorry for the delay!" According to Beneil, he placed the order last December, and since he hasn't received the car yet, that probably means he's in for a Model S or Model X because the 3 and the Y don't have such huge delivery delays.

Both the X and the S make for good family cars, and they're both leading their segment in terms of safety, which seems to be Beneil's primary concern now that he's about to be a father. He claims he's been promised delivery in March, and the fact we're nearly entering June and the car is nowhere in sight is "disrespectful." Well, he must have chosen the car based on safety ratings because he clearly hasn't done his research on Tesla properly if he's so upset about a potential three-month delay. God forbid he'll ever have anything to do with a Tesla Service Center.


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