UEV-440 Platinum Will Make You Forget Everything You Knew About Camper Trailers

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Photo: Conqueror Australia Off-Road Campers
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While combing the world for mobile habitats worthy of your money, I've decided to check back with the land down under Australia. It's here I've run across an RV manufacturer that's been whipping up some amazing habitats, much like the one we'll be looking at today.
Folks, Australia is home to countless RV and travel trailer manufacturers that promise the next big thing. However, one team, Conqueror Australia Off-Road Campers, does things a bit differently than the rest and have been doing so since their arrival on the public market over ten years ago. Still, their experience does go back over 20 years, but in a different market, the military.

One thing to know about this crew is that they design and build each habitat with capability as a top priority. According to their website, all the machines they make are military grade. Time to see why people are so hyped about this manufacturer.

Now, the habitat we'll be looking at today is simply known as the UEV-440 Platinum. There's a UEV 440-ST as well, but Platinum is the version that takes things to a whole new level. It is, however, based upon the ST version, so we'll still look at some of the basics. Just a side note, if I was to go through everything this vehicle includes as standard, we'd be here for quite a long time, so I'll stick to the main wonders.

Like all other trailers this crew manufactures, Platinum features an electro-galvanized or powder-coated steel chassis and body construction. Conqueror doesn't weld their components but bolts them together to ensure a solid build.

UEV\-440 Platinum
Photo: Conqueror Australia Off-Road Campers
The suspension is another system Conqueror pays extra attention to. Heavy-duty shock absorbers and coils, a fully independent and patented suspension with trailing arms, and 12-inch off-road electric brakes are also thrown into the mix.

From here, we can look at the body and living space. Not only does Conqueror use no natural materials like wood, but because it's built using methods also found in the aeronautical industry, this sucker is also light. This is what caught my eye when I first saw Platinum and the main reason I chose to convey its existence to you.

While a tare weight of 1,350 kg (2,976 lbs) doesn't sound very light, by the time you complete this article and really absorb the images in the gallery, you'll understand that this is more than an acceptable weight. In total, you can load this puppy up to 1,800 kg (3,968 lbs).

Because of its highly modular design, Platinum is the sort of travel trailer that not only sleeps up to six people but has so many nooks and crannies that you may, at some point, have a tough time remembering where you put some gear.

UEV\-440 Platinum Galley and Storage
Photo: Conqueror Australia Off-Road Campers
Aside from features like the slideout galley and pantry that looks like it could fit every foodstuff I have in my home, this puppy also features an integrated shower tent with a hot and cold tap. Every electrical system you can think of, from a BMS to AGM batteries and charging ports of every kind to solar hookup, are also in place.

My favorite aspect of this home is the way it just explodes from some tiny little box that you're towing behind your car into a massive habitat fit for all your stuff and up to six people. And you've got more than enough space for all the things you'll want to bring along for adventures.

As far as pricing goes, it's a bit unclear how much you'll be paying for a UEV-440 Platinum from this manufacturer; no pricing is shown on their website, so you'll have to call them up. Oh, you'll also be asked to dish out different prices depending on where you are in the world.

Doing a bit of research, I've seen models priced from around 37,000 USD (33,797 EUR at current exchange rates) to 64,000 USD (58,459 EUR) or more. All that depends on the features added to the habitat and if it's new or used. Nonetheless, it's definitely a machine worth considering if you're ever in the market for a travel trailer that can.
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Editor's note: The image gallery aslo includes images of the UEV-440 ST

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