Uber Driver Mistakes Sex Worker for His Fare, Hilarious Dialogue Ensues

Have you ever been it that situation where you're talking about one thing, and the other person thinks you're talking about something completely different, only to realize it after a few good lines from each of you?
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Yeah, of course you have. It's a technique often used in comedies to generate a laugh, but it's even funnier when it happens in real life. That's because unlike the movies, where it seems to be a common occurrence, we don't get to experience it all that often in our day-to-day life.

Working for Uber, apparently, and not paying too much attention to who your clients are might help with raising the chances of having this type of an encounter. It certainly did wonders for this Australian driver who was looking to pick up his client - a girl named Chelsea - but ended up sharing a very short ride with a sex worker.

When you're a Uber or a taxi driver, picking up people off the side of the road is what you do, and you also learn pretty quickly not to judge a book by its covers, so the way these persons look becomes irrelevant. You just take them from A to B and get paid for it, you're not there to comment on their fashion sense.

But there are at least two kinds of people who look to be picked up by cars, and with Uber not having any particular markings as the cabbies do, mistakes can happen. Something this guy doing a night shift in Sydney, Australia, will be more than happy to confirm.

He knows he has to pick up Chelsea, he sees a girl, a few synapses in his brain connect, and he stops to pick her up. From the off, he sounds like a really nice and cheerful guy. He greets her by the name, but you know how these sex workers are like: they've seen all kinds of crazy, so she's willing to let him call her whatever he likes.

After a few lines that are funny as hell for those who are in on the misunderstanding, the air is cleared, and the non-Chelsea girl gets off. Just in time for the real Chelsea to call the driver, putting the perfect ending to an already hilarious clip.

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