Uber Driver Literally Goes Out of His Way to Extort Money from Drunk Customer

Isn't Uber nice? I mean, knowing that you can get drunk as drunk can be and then still manage to find your way home, without the hassle of taking out money and ending up paying more than you should just because all bills look the same to you in the state you're in - that's super, isn't it?
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Photo: Screenshot from Uber via Newsbeat
Well, it is until it isn't anymore. Because you know what else drunk people lack, besides a clear vision and a functioning mind? The sense of spatial awareness. Yup, throw a few shots down the throat and you won't really be able to tell whether you're in London, Mumbai or Vladivostok. The best part is you're not going to care either.

And there's another thing that drunk people do that isn't helpful when trying to make sure you don't get scammed on your way home: they fall asleep pretty much anywhere. And I can think of numerous places that are a lot worse than the backseat of a car cruising through the empty streets at night.

Nobody knows exactly what happened to Daniel Kaizen, a 26-year-old bartender living in London, when he wanted to get home one night. Coming out of his last shift at the Loves Company cocktail bar in the capital city, Daniel was understandably drunk. Just imagine working all your life surrounded by booze and not being allowed to touch it - that's how psychopaths are born.

What we do know is that he managed to hail an Uber ride and he also got on board. What happened after that remained a total mystery, until Daniel woke up the next morning. Checking his phone he saw that Uber charged him 102 sterling pounds ($147) for a 20-minute ride that should have cost less than half that. Daniel checked out the itinerary chosen by the driver, and was probably shocked to notice he had seen most of the North-eastern part of London the night before. Was that something the drunk Daniel requested or was it the Uber driver going for an early retirement that night? We'll never know.

What's important is that Uber found out about the incident and fully refunded our bartender while also apologizing for the mishap. The driver is now being investigated. Speaking to Newsbeat, an Uber spokesperson said, "Unlike other transport options Uber offers transparent receipts with a record of every trip and a map of the route taken so if there is an issue it can be resolved."

With strangers essentially having direct access to your credit card, things like this will certainly happen again in the future, just like they also did in the past. The best part is that Uber takes care of its clients and isn't reluctant to offer refunds when the situation requires it.
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