Tyson Beckford and Lyric Cycles Unleash 305 Ghost: Crushes With Stats and Photoshoot Looks

By now, everyone's picked up on the fact that e-bikes, or electric anything really, are here to stay. Best of all, they can mean great business for those backing or developing groundbreaking machines. This seems to be the case with Lyric Cycles and a collaboration with Tyson Beckford, the famed model and actor.
Tyson Beckford and 305 Ghost 13 photos
Photo: Lyric Cycles
Tyson Beckford and 305 GhostTyson Beckford and 305 GhostTyson Beckford and 305 GhostGraffitiGraffitiGraffitiGraffitiTyson Beckford and 305 GhostTyson Beckford and 305 GhostTyson Beckford and 305 GhostTyson Beckford and 305 GhostTyson Beckford and 305 Ghost
It's called the 305 Ghost, and simply put, it's a limited edition moped from a Canadian company that's causing quite the hubbub on the EV market, Lyric Cycles. Best of all, this new machine has been developed together with Tyson Beckford, and when I say developed, I really mean it; Mr. Beckford was involved throughout the entire design process. Time to see why and what the result may be.

To understand more of the machine, we need to take a look at the humans behind it all, starting with Lyric Cycles. You may have heard this name in recent news as this Canadian manufacturer is hitting the EV market with quite the capable machines, in the process, unleashing machines like their industry-shifting Graffiti and newest Voodoo.

While introducing some electric two-wheelers into a seemingly saturated market isn't a big deal, the vital aspect of Lyric machines is that they give people precisely what they want. For example, the Graffiti features a top range of 100 miles (161 kilometers) with two batteries, a top speed of 38 mph (61 kph), and a 2,500-watt motor. Oh, regenerative braking is also part of the mixture of features. Starting to get the picture?

Tyson Beckford and 305 Ghost
Photo: Lyric Cycles
As for Tyson Beckford, this gentleman has been stirring up the modeling and movie industries, possibly since he was born in 1970. Over the years, titles like "Man of the Year" have been bestowed upon him, and a career modeling for Ralph Lauren is also in his wake. Did I mention a movie role as "himself" in Zoolander?

Now, put Mr. Beckford and Lyric Cycles in the same room, and you're bound to get something different, and the 305 Ghost boasts stats that take the whole electric moped/e-bike game to the next level. I'm calling this a moped/e-bike, just let Lyric explain everything with the words, "Is it an eBike? Is it a moped? Is it a motorcycle? It's whatever you want it to be, when you want it. That's the Voodoo magic!"

What does all this mean for future owners of this $7,500 (€7,700 at current exchange rates) piece of hardware? Well, part one of the story is found in the Ghost's motor and takes the shape of 18,000 watts of peak power. Uhm, that sounds like you need a license to ride, and you probably should have one for legal purposes, nothing else.

All that output also means that the bike can "carry up to 400 lbs" and shoots your needle up to the 65 mph (104 kph) mark. With an updated controller and an unspecified battery capacity, we're shown a peak range of 65 miles (104 kilometers), and yes, Lyric and Mr. Beckford left the regenerative braking in place for this model too.

Tyson Beckford and 305 Ghost
Photo: Lyric Cycles
The remainder of the bike is all about style; after all, Tyson Beckford is responsible for some of the looks this EV boasts. We're not told precisely which cues and traits may be from Mr. Beckford's mind, but it doesn't even matter; the 305 Ghost is worthy of any Instagram photoshoot, Sunday afternoon rides, and heading out to meet your friends at some local café. Oh, you'll be taking this to work, you say? Be careful not to start a posse or cult following. Come to think of it, that could be precisely what Lyric Cycles and Tyson Beckford want.

Ever since I've been covering EVs like this one and many others, I've seen quite a few collaborations. But what I haven't witnessed is a result quite like this one. Just look at it, and I mean really look at it. Not only does the scrambler styling invite you to drool a bit and then hop on, but once you do, you'll understand where all your cash is going.

Since pre-order reservations are now standing at $100 (€103), if you do want a piece of this limited edition action, you'll see your machine delivered in Spring 2023, just in time for a new season of outdoor riding and sun-kissed photoshoots.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also reveal the Graffiti e-bike.

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