Tyga Keeps His Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Safe from the Sun

He finally decided to lose that hideous golden cover his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster used to have only to refresh it with a purple wrap instead. After that, there’s not a lot we’re expecting from Chris Brown’s new partner in music. We do appreciate, however, Tyga had enough inspiration not to fool around with the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren he bought from Scott Disick.
Tyga Keeps His Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Safe from the Sun 1 photo
Photo: Tyga on Facebook
In fact, judging by the way he takes care of the car it’s safe to say the Batman Mercedes is one of the rich rapper’s favorite rides. It’s also the newest luxury vehicle in the young rapper’s collection, considering Nguyen-Stevenson purchased it less than a year ago. In fact we told you guys the whole story last year, it’s quite funny actually.

You see, reality television celebrity and businessman Scott Disick - which some know better as Kourtney Kardashian’s partner - first posted some pictures with the black Mercedes, saying he owns it. Soon after that, however, it turned out the car wasn’t good enough so Disick decided to sell it. Whether it was to save some money to buy a Bugatti Veyron or for something else, one thing is sure Tyga was the next owner.

We haven't heard much about the luxury car until recently, when for some reason Justin Bieber’s friend thought the Batman SLR needed some proper protection away from the sun, in the shadow of this improvised tent and of course Tyga took a photograph and put it on social network.

No problem here, but in our experience with these people there’s more to it than just bragging around with a car that's getting a regular wash. When they go all photo-shooting their luxury cars it means they’re about to get some custom job done.

Our biggest fear is Tyga is planning to use that ugly golden rose wrap on the SLR. That would be wrong for so many reasons, yet considering he did the same with the other Mercedes he owns, a SLS AMG you never know. Could anybody tell him not to, please?
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