Two Zen Cats Riding On A Motorcycle Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

Cars ride on motorcycle 4 photos
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Cats riding on a motorcycleCats riding on a motorcycleCats riding on a motorcycle
Whoever owns a cat (or more) probably knows they are the hardest pets to train. However, check out the video here and you’ll see a person who made the impossible and trained his balls of fur to ride along on a motorcycle.
Take my cat for example. The first time I took it to the vet, I had no cage and thought it is a good idea to just put him in the passenger seat of my car as it was only a 5 minutes drive down the road.

As you can imagine, the little maniac started to mew hysterically and soon it was all over the place, from the dashboard to the deck behind the rear seats. Things got even worse when we left the vet, as the first place he thought it would be OK to hide was behind the pedals.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as I tried to train him do other stuff from the Internet and failed miserably. But enough with my story and let’s move to our hero here.

I’ve seen dogs, pigs, and even sheep riding pillion on a motorbike, but never a cat. This Asian guy has two of them onboard, and they don’t seem to dislike it despite the wind noise and the general fact of being on a narrow machine that zooms through traffic.

They even have miniature open-face helmets which makes it even cooler and hilarious at the same time. My cat would be protesting the next second I would put something on its head and probably take revenge by soiling my pillow with poo.

You need to be a “cat whisperer” to pull the maneuver this guy achieved. Or maybe try and accustom them with the sensation while they’re tiny kittens. If you have other ideas, let us know in the comment section.

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