Two YouTubers Sentenced After Filming Themselves Driving Over 120 MPH

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David Murray and Timur Khayrov took a pair of Porsche's from Scotland to North Wales and happened to end up at over 100 miles per hour (161 kph) at times. Interestingly enough they filmed the trip and then posted it online hoping for attention. This just isn't the attention they initially hoped for.
The guys took a Porsche 718 Spyder and a 911 GT3 to what they called the "greatest driving road in the UK." What they did isn't wildly dissimilar from what hundreds of people do every year. They drove on that road with passion and vigor.

Of course, that's exactly what many TV productions like Top Gear do as well. What isn't the same is how they did it. Not only did they not ensure that the road was closed and that conditions were safe, but then they made things worse by posting a video of their antics on YouTube.

If you've spent much time on YouTube, you've likely watched people break speed limits left and right. Even folks like Doug DeMuro know the key though. They don't show or speak about the actual speeds they're achieving.

For David Murray and Timur Khayrov though, that wasn't the case. Not only did they speed up to at least 121 mph (195 kph), but they specifically state that speed in the video, while the camera can also see the vehicle's onboard speedometer. Police noticed the video and caught up with them.

Now the pair has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and then been sentenced to eight months in prison, though that sentence has been suspended for 12 months. They also have to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and can't drive for 18 months. In addition, they'll have to take an extended re-test before they can drive again.

We're not sure how they'll keep that YouTube channel going. Perhaps they could start teaching courses on how to obey traffic laws and gain respect for them. They certainly have experience in those avenues now.
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