Two Woman Drivers Get into a Parking Lot Brawl, Things Escalate Quickly

Dog owners know that male dogs tend to fight more frequently, but it's just territorial, they don't really mean it. Female woofers, on the other hand, are more mellow, but when they do go at each other, you'd better step in, or the nearest vet is going to have a field day.
LA brawl turnes into destruction derby 4 photos
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LA brawl turns into destruction derbyLA brawl turns into destruction derbyLA brawl turns into destruction derby
Well, it looks like we humans don't differ so much from the dogs in this respect. Whenever you see a case of road rage, chances are the two protagonists are going to be men. And the old excuse that the majority of drivers on the road are male just doesn't cut it anymore - it hasn't done so for the past fifty years or so.

No, the real explanation is a lot more biological than that and it has something to do with a hormone known as testosterone. This is what makes guys more prone to physical aggression since they have it in much greater quantities. It's also what makes us so hairy, so you have to wonder whether we wouldn't be better off without it.

We wouldn't, and the video below also shows that not having it isn't exactly the silver bullet to solve our aggression issues. Women can fight as well, and when they get into a melee, they mean it.

This happened somewhere in Southern Los Angeles. It would appear the reason behind the hubbub was, of course, a parking spot. ABC7, the news outlet reporting the story, doesn't give any more details, but it's enough to realize the two women's reaction was out of place. No parking spot deserves this much dedication, no matter how beautiful or close to the shop entrance it is.

The two started exchanging fists until one of them fell to the ground, making her an easy victim for the other's low kick. We don't know how she got up, but she did, and then some. After climbing into her Toyota SUV, she decided to have some revenge and started ramming the other woman's silver BMW.

She knocks the German SUV's passenger side door over and repeatedly crashes into the car with both the front and the rear of her RAV4. The first normal reaction in this whole story comes from the BMW X3 driver who attempts to get away from all this madness, but her opponent wast done just yet.

She chases the BMW out on the driveway and gives it two more shoves before launching into an innocent hydrant knocking it over. Contacted by ABC7, the LAPD said no report had yet been filed about the incident, but you'd think damaging public property was enough to warrant an investigation.

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