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Two Versions of the New Yamaha TDM Rumored

Peering eyes seem to have looked at recent CARB documents, and spotted the names FJ09FCGY and FJ09FCR. These are said to translate into new versions of the TDM machines and certain rumors have Yamaha preparing a classic crossover bike and a sport-touring, better-equipped version for it. Apart from these rumors, there is not much out on Yamaha’s plans but the high expectations that the new triple-cylinder engine will be used in new models or thoroughly-revised reinterpretations of older bikes.
Yamaha MT-09 4 photos
Yamaha MT-09Yamaha TDM Design TrademarkYamaha TDM Design Trademark
Yamaha offering a new model in the MT-09/ FZ-09 segment would make sense in case a dedicated sport-touring bike is envisaged. Better weather protection thanks to a full or at least ¾-ish fairing would be very nice, combined with an adjustable windscreen, retaining decent luggage-carrying capacity and adding several touring amenities, such as heated grips, possibly cruise control or electronically-adjustable suspensions.

Still, these two will most likely cause the price of such a machine to raise considerably and sort of nullify the trump card the MT-09 and MT-07 bikes have, namely their awesome pricing which makes them both desirable and affordable.

The b&w photos after the jump seem to depict the trademarked design of the “classic” TDM, and as far as we can see, the new TDM has the same chassis as the MT-09, making us wonder whether the TDM only has tweaked suspensions, some additional bodywork or new tank and a revised riding position. Either way, we’re definitely in for new bikes based on the MT-09 platform and this makes everything more interesting.

Whether Yamaha will show these machines at Intermot or EICMA makes rather little difference as we’re really only weeks away from these two major European events. Funny thing how no rumors of new bikes based on the MT-07 have emerged so far.


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