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Two-time Academy Winner Renee Zellweger Drives a Ford Fiesta

Celebrities are a sort of fascination for a lot of people. We follow them to see their lavish lifestyles, but we can’t help but praise people when they’re being “real,” and when they still look down to earth. Renee Zellweger might be famous, but she still drives a Ford Fiesta.
Ford Fiesta 6th Generation 6 photos
Ford Fiesta 6th GenerationRenee Zellweger on Celebrity IOU: JoyrideRenee Zellweger on Celebrity IOU: JoyrideRenee Zellweger on Celebrity IOU: JoyrideRenee Zellweger on Celebrity IOU: Joyride
Two-time Academy Award winning actress for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, Renee Zellweger has a net worth worthy of her status, around $90 million as of 2021.

But the actress shows she didn’t forget where she came from, and, after she finished filming for her upcoming series, The Thing About Pam, she returned to her car, which is a 6th generation Ford Fiesta.

In an environment where a lot of celebrities flaunt their wealth on social media, Zellweger doesn’t even have a profile online. Keeping to herself and doing her thing is just how the actress likes to roll.

The 6th generation Ford Fiesta is by no means a bad car, it’s widely popular and accessible. But it’s a surprising choice, to say the least, for someone who just sold her California ranch-style home for $6.4 million, nearly $500,000 over the asking price. And that’s almost a double profit from what she paid for, buying the house for $3.35 million in 2015.

But coming back to cars, they certainly have an impact on the actress’ private life. After being a guest on the new Discovery+ show, Celebrity IOU: Joyride, she found her new partner. The show invites celebrities to roll up their sleeves and physically give a makeover to a car for someone in their life. That’s where she met Ant Anstead, the television presenter who self-identifies as a “car person.”

In the past, Zellweger has been seen driving a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Toyota Prius, and a Mercedes-AMG E 63. From what we can see, we can’t expect the actress to just drop a huge sum on a supercar. But given her new boyfriend, who knows? We'll just have to see. Maybe next time she won't park in a disabled parking space.


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