Two SUVs and One Boat: Loading Goes Totally Wrong

This next video was recently unloaded to Youtube and is title "Boat Loading Gone Totally Wrong". Unlike most entertainment products these days, it really does deliver what it says on the can – simple, clean fun involving a boat loading… gone wrong.
Two SUVs and One Boat: Loading Goes Totally Wrong 1 photo
A bunch of guys decide the perfect way to tow a large boat out of the water is to use two SUVs chained together, a silver GMC Yukon and a black Ford. But the guy in the silver SUV is a little too enthusiastic, maybe after having one too many beers. He guns the engine and yanks the boat uphill at high speed causing it to smash into the vehicle.

The boat trailer then detaches from its tow hitch and starts rolling down the hill, not in a straight line, but towards a pickup truck parked on the side of the dock. After the dust settles, everybody is OK, which is surprising when you consider three vehicles, a large boat and drunk young men were involved.

Our favorite part is right at the end, where Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What" hits like the perfect conclusion, making you ask yourself "what did I just watch?". And check out the guy standing there behind the hit pickup. All this drama perfectly coincides with the emptying of his beer can, which he then tosses into the vehicle. Can you get any more nonchalantly redneck than that? We don't think so.

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