Two Riders Barely Escape from Being Crushed into Pieces

If we were to give this video a name we guess that "Weirdness and luck" is the best one out there. At least this is what we here though after watching it several times.
Now, figuring out who the lucky guys are is fairly easy, and we're happy to see that all the riders are alright. However, things could have been absolutely horrible if the incoming truck smashed into the camera bike, or the blue car ricocheted into the bike in the front. Both scenarios could have led to fatal consequences and once again, we're happy we did not have to witness this.

As for the weird part, there are two things. First of all, we cannot tell why did the blue car stop in the lane: there was plenty of room to pass the parked bikes, as they were outside the lane, anyway. We've met before this kind of drivers who are afraid to pass in such conditions, even though the entire lane is free, as their perception is clearly distorted by their own insecurity and lack of confidence.

On the other hand, the guy riding the truck was definitely not paying attention to the traffic ahead: the visibility is great for more than 200 yards (180 meters) and there was plenty of time to spot the stopped car and slow down safely. And hearing the tires squeak just before the truck rearends the blue car hints us that the driver only realized the hazardous situation only moment prior to crasing. Weird, weird, weird...
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