Two Police Cars Refuse to Drag Race Each Other Despite Man's Desperate Efforts

Police cars refuse to drag race 5 photos
Photo: ViralHog / YouTube screenshot
Police cars refusing to drag racePolice cars refusing to drag racePolice cars refusing to drag racePolice cars refusing to drag race
Police cars? Drag racing? What are we on about, right? Well, you must not read the news very carefully if you think this is anywhere near impossible.
This April, two Police cars drag raced each other in D.C., and it probably happens a lot more often without the public finding about it. The only reason this particular competition between the men and women in blue became famous was that the two drivers managed to lose control and smash against each other before ricocheting into a nearby fence.

Strangely enough, despite the total recklessness displayed by the four officers, their commander didn't immediately announce any disciplinary actions against them. With the case gone cold, we have no idea what happened to the officers who were (reportedly) doing 60 mph (96 kph) down a boulevard at 5 PM for no other reason than their own enjoyment. Oh, and did we mention the two cars were identical? What's the point in that?

This 20-second clip appears to be filmed somewhere in the UK, which is probably why the man standing in the middle of the street was very relaxed about the possible consequences of his actions. The British police force is famous for not carrying guns and first attempting to resolve situations through good old verbal communication.

By the looks of it, and this is 100 percent speculation, it seems as though the police were attending (either invited by a concerned citizen or of their own volition) a meeting of "street racers" behind an IKEA store. They were presumably there to make sure there would be no "racing", or any other type of car-related hooliganism for that matter (drifting, loud engine revving, burnouts—that kind of stuff).

Whether the man at the center of this clip was a little annoyed by their presence or he just wanted to have some fun, he looked at the two cars sitting side by side and thought they might be there to show them how it's done, and all they needed was somebody to signal the start. Not the type to waste police officers' time, he duly sat in front of them doing all the usual gestures we know after watching countless standing races where there's no tree.

We can't know whether the British police read the news of their colleagues in D.C. and knew they wouldn't get off so easily, or they just didn't feel like obliging the man, but they clearly chose to ignore him. However, we sincerely doubt there were no concealed smiles behind those windshields, as well as the natural desire to step on the throttle pedal and see who was quicker. The levels of restraint shown are inhuman. Add yet another reason why policing is hard work.

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