Two New Jersey Police Cars Crash As Suspect Gets Away in a MINI Cooper

Some people may think that kids who choose the latter when playing cops and robbers are more inclined toward criminality, but the truth is they just like the freedom. When you're a thief, you don't work for anybody and you can do whatever you want. If you ask me, those are very sound principles on which to guide your life, so if they happen to become rotten apples later on, blame it on the education not some innate proclivity for crime.
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The cops need to play by the rules. They may have the law protecting them and, in some cases, the better equipment, but they also have to be considerate towards the safety of others. Their cars can easily outpace most other vehicles out there, but that's no use since they will never speed through a residential area, for example. A "robber," on the other hand, will have no problem doing it.

Two New Jersey officers felt the restraints of being on the right side of the law firsthand when one of them tried to stop a MINI Copper on I-80. The suspect stopped, but as the officer approached him on foot, he sped away, forcing the police car in high-speed pursuit. Another squad car got a visual on the MINI, so it joined the chase.

The suspect got off the interstate on Paterson and proceeded to drive through the city, ignoring stop signs and behaving like a lunatic. As much as the two cops wanted to continue following him, they had to give up on concerns for the safety of other road users.

But probably due to a lack of communication, the car that was in front (the second one to join the chase) broke the pursuit without knowing the other one, so the initial vehicle that had spotted the MINI rear-ended the second patrol car. reports that one of the officers involved was treated for a minor back injury, but other than that, everyone was alright.

So if you happen to be in New Jersey and catch a MINI Cooper driving around chaotically, be a good sport and tell him there's no one chasing him anymore. On the other hand, what MINI Cooper DOESN'T drive chaotically?
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