Two Moron Riders in Spectacularly Silly, Hard Crash

Birds of a feather flock together, they say, and by all means, the truth in this saying is beyond any shadow of a doubt. Mindless riders most often pair with equally ignorant ones, because acting like morons in a group that works according to basic common sense rules will have them banned instantaneously.
Morons in high-speed crash action 6 photos
Photo: Liveleak capture
Moronic crash actionMoronic crash actionMoronic crash actionMoronic crash actionMoronic crash action
So that's why we get to see so many groups of riders heading out on the highway and wheeling in traffic and acting confusedly as far as road discipline goes.

Many such motorcycle groups are formed by riders who only occasionally ride together, and haven't had the time to "sync" each individual's riding style to that of the group. Of course, seeing how disorderedly they ride, we can say that they are perfectly synced to the gang. It only depends on how one sees riding a motorcycle...

Moreover, some of them are constantly trying to prove themselves in front of their peers, and this often leads to taking stupid decisions. Fact is that few of such gatherings end up without incidents, and the video below shows just how dumb some people can be.

Stopping in the middle of the highway is probably one of the most mindless things a rider can do, especially when knowing that there are others riding fast behind.

On the educational side, please observe how nicely the sneakers take off after the impact. Obviously, the rider approaching from behind was not too smart, either. He clearly wasn't paying attention to the road.

If he did, this crash could have effortlessly be avoided.
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