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Two More Companies Enter the Race to Build the Apple Car

Apple’s CIA-like secrecy means pretty much any rumor regarding its upcoming products is left to swirl around the web with few chances to be confirmed or denied by a company official.
Apple Car rendering 10 photos
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This time, a report claims two more names have joined the race to manufacture the Apple Car, as the development of the vehicle is making good progress and the Cupertino-based company is getting close to the moment where it needs to pick the firm to handle the production.

Foxconn and Luxshare, two of Apple’s existing partners, are seen as very solid candidates for receiving a contract manufacturing deal for the iPhone maker’s first car, pretty much because both are investing in EV production infrastructure.

Foxconn, for example, wants to make electric vehicles at a plant in North America, while Luxshare joined forces with Chery Group specifically for the production of zero-emission cars.

But on the other hand, this isn’t by any means a guarantee any of the two would end up handling the production of the Apple Car.

Previous reports on the matter indicated a joint venture between Magna and LG was in pole-position to sign a manufacturing deal with Apple.

The iPhone maker has also discussed a partnership with several traditional carmakers, including Hyundai, but the talks have ended abruptly in every single case. Hyundai was at one point favorite to sign a deal with Apple, yet the discussions were abandoned after the carmaker spilled the beans on the project.

The cited source seems to indicate Apple is still involved in manufacturing talks with Hyundai, but on the other hand, this is rather unlikely given the company’s obsession with preventing any leaks related to its future products.

At this point, it’s important to take everything with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially as everything can change overnight if the development of the Apple Car doesn’t make the progress the American tech giant expected to make.


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