The Only Faraday Future FF 91 Video You Need to Watch

Yesterday, Faraday Future held a much awaited (and heavily hyped) event for the official presentation of its first-ever production vehicle, the electric crossover called FF 91.
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There was a one-hour long presentation that must have bored the hell out of those present there - I should know, I've attended dozens of similar events, even though I can't remember one this long - who would have much preferred if they had skipped straight to the important part.

Well, that's not how these things go. A number of illustrious anonyms with questionable oratorical merits took the stage to talk about what the company has done, what it can, and what it will do. Using big words that make you wonder why the rest of the industry is still trying when it'd be better off going home because it clearly stands no chance of competing, these executives reproduce their speeches off the teleprompter for minutes on end, with a rhythm worthy of somebody who's just now learning to read.

The only thing keeping the audience from falling asleep are the applause breaks, but given there's a lag of a few seconds from when you feel they should start and when they actually do, it's clear some members of the public are dozing off in between them.

Sometimes, these things are normal - they are to be expected. You know you're not presenting an exciting product, but it needs to be done. The FF 91, however, isn't boring. It may be far from becoming a reality at the moment, but assuming it will, the car is actually the opposite of boring.

Yes, those rear seats are nap-inducing, but the driver's one is anything but. With 1,050 hp and a promised 0-60 mph acceleration time of 2.39 seconds, the FF 91 is quick. And so is this two-minute video that will get you a lot more excited about the new car than the 60-plus of the presentation.

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