Two McLaren P1s For Sale in The Netherlands

As usual with supercars and hypercars that come in limited numbers, you can always find new examples at brave dealerships across the world even after the producer makes the “sold out” announcement. The time has now come for the McLaren P1 to go down this road, with not one, but two units of the hypercar showing up for sale the Netherlands.
2 mclaren p1s for sale 5 photos
McLaren P1 for saleMcLaren P1 for saleMcLaren P1 for saleMcLaren P1 for sale
Let’s get things straight from the very beginning - both examples of the P1 are brand new, so you don’t have to worry about any previous hooning adventures. You can choose between two visual flavors - the first P1 is dressed in Supernova Silver Metallic, while the second comes in Pearl White Metallic.

Captain Obvious would tell you that with such cars, the options make all the difference in the world. Alas, the Dutch dealership does not offer such details.

What the company does say though, is that if you want to make one of these British rockets yours, you should be ready to spend EUR 1.8 million (US$ 2470500 at the current exchange rate). As you could expect, the dealer isn’t exactly making an effort to help petrolheads find their dream - the aforementioned price is considerably higher than the official price tag of the P1. This will not be too much of an issue for those in the market for a P1, so here is the link to the ads.

We have to explain that the McLaren P1 is a bit late to this “used car market” party. That’s because its rival, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder have both played this game earlier this year.


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