Two-Loft Bedroom Tiny Flaunts Single Staircase With a Unique Design

As incredible as it sounds, tiny house construction has evolved so much over the years that large families of up to six people can live comfortably in this type of dwelling. Tiny house Germany is one of those models built for generations, with a sturdy structure, high-quality wood furniture, and a reliable trailer.
The beautiful Germany tiny house flaunts two loft bedrooms and a single quirky staircase 15 photos
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
Tiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House GermanyTiny House Trailer 7.20Tiny House Trailer 7.20
At first glance, this tiny house seems rather simple and austere. Still, the numerous windows and glass doors hint at its high luminosity and airy ambiance. Indeed, once you step inside, you'd be impressed by how spacious it feels. Germany was meant to comfortably accommodate up to six people, and its clever layout seems perfectly fit for the job. Thanks to the unique design of its single staircase, there's more room left for the living room and the kitchen.

If you took away the wheels, the Germany tiny house would look just like a farmhouse with wood paneling, solid wood floors, and custom-made furniture. A combination of white, natural wood, and dark wood highlights the rustic look. The numerous windows keep it from looking too heavy due to all that wood.

Thanks to its placement, the living room gets plenty of natural light and great views – facing the glass door, with two huge windows on the side. With a generous surface, it can work great as an entertainment area for guests and even provide additional overnight accommodation when needed.

Tiny House Germany
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
The kitchen is small but fully equipped with good-quality appliances, including a gas stove and a fridge. Despite its size, there's no shortage of storage solutions. Everything can be kept neatly in multiple drawers and overhead cabinets. On the opposite side, future owners can add a dining table right under the window – the perfect place to enjoy family meals.

At the end of the house, a compact bathroom reveals a full-size shower and a vanity in the same style as the rest of the furniture, made of high-quality wood.

A two-loft bedroom tiny house normally displays a staircase and a ladder, rarely two staircases or ladders. This is the classic solution for convenient access, with the downside that bulky staircases can take up a lot of space. The so-called split staircase is an alternative solution found in some of these homes on wheels – it's just as practical and looks much better.

The Germany tiny house integrates this type of staircase with a twist. Instead of the typical structure with a railing, it's shaped more like a single block of wood with two "wings." You could almost see it as a quirky work of art.

Tiny House Germany
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
As a design solution, it's truly ingenious because it saves so much space, especially in the living room. It also doubles as a separation element between the kitchen and the living area due to its solid walls replacing a conventional railing. This discrete separation allows more privacy without cluttering. The steps also double as drawers for storage, as most tiny house staircases do.

The two loft spaces also get plenty of light and fresh air and include additional storage space. Future owners can configure them both as bedrooms or as a main bedroom and a flexible room that can function as anything from a kids' playroom to a home office.

In case you're wondering about this home's unusual name, it all goes back to the origin of the Tinyhouse-World brand. Uwe Bosshammer started exploring van life back in Germany more than a decade ago when he switched from a conventional apartment to a Volkswagen van.

Today, he lives in Portugal with his family after falling in love with tiny houses – as flexible as a van but with the added comfort of a conventional home. As a tribute to both countries, he named one of his tiny houses Portugal and another one Germany.

Tiny House Germany
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
All the Tinyhouse-World homes are built on dedicated trailers manufactured by Vlemmix, one of the top European experts in the field. The Germany tiny house comes on a TH 7.20 trailer, with a maximum height of 8.7 meters (28.5 feet). The main advantage of this trailer is that it easily keeps the overall weight under the legal limit of 3,500 kg (7,716 lb) without complicated adjustments.

Compared to platform trailers, it brings the benefit of added construction height and a lower entry height due to the loading platform being lower to the ground. The downside is that the wheels and wheels arches protrude above the chassis because there's no flat loading floor like with the platform versions.

All Vlemmix trailers are built to last: hot-dip galvanizing adds a protective layer that prevents rust and increases resistance to damage over the years. They're also fitted with brakes and axles from Knott, one of the best axle manufacturers in Europe.

The beautiful Germany tiny house is designed and built in Portugal, with pricing starting at €38,000 ($40,700). The brand's range also includes smaller designs for one or two people, which are a bit more affordable, starting at a little over €30,000 ($32,000).
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