Fatal Attraction on Deserted Russian Road

Should we even laugh at videos like this? Could we not? Man, I just don't know. I'm sure being involved in a head-on collision in an old Lada - and I'm just going to assume they weren't wearing the largely useless seatbelts anyway - is a very nasty experience, so we might just burn in hell for giggling at the utter stupidity present in this clip.
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You may say it's not 100 percent stupidity, but rather just two very unfortunate drivers. Well, yes, that might be true about the one in the car we share the perspective over the incident with, but it definitely isn't the case for the other driver. He was just a moron from start fo finish.

And, to be honest, I'm not so sure about the first one either. I'm not saying he should have veered into the field to the right, but he did react slowly after the other guy showed he suddenly remembered on which side of the road he was supposed to drive. Are you thinking vodka? Because I sure as hell am.

Some people suggest this intentional, and there are a few elements that would support this idea. It would also restore our faith in humanity since knowing people can be scheming assholes is much more preferable to having the certainty they are this moronic.

The way the oncoming Lada seems to hunt the other guy down, the way he avoids crashing with the left side of his car and, ultimately, the very low probability that two vehicles in the middle of nowhere would crash into each other - they all make it sound plausible that one of the two had this outcome in mind at all times.

However, consider this for a second: if you were in a crappy old Lada, would you risk crashing head-on into another vehicle? And what for? Insurance scamming? Scamming who? Another poor soul that drives a Lada just as pitiful as yours? What are looking to get off him, his shinier wheel caps? No, this video is exactly the kind of event that keeps aliens from making contact. So depending on ET's intentions, we have the Russians to either blame or thank.

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