Two-Bedroom Tiny Steals the Show With an Unusual Loft Layout

It might be easy to design a tiny home for a single owner or a couple, but things get more challenging when it comes to families. The beautiful Dundee manages to include generous accommodation, without compromising on comfort or even style. It’s no less comfortable than a conventional family house, yet designed to easily move anywhere.
The Dundee flaunts a unique loft layout with two bedrooms 17 photos
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes/Instagram
Dundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny HouseDundee Tiny House
There’s no doubt that Aussies are in love with tiny living. One of the things that prove it is the abundance of events that are dedicated to alternative housing, all across Australia. Those who happen to be in Victoria this month can head on over to the Tiny Home Expo, in Geelong. The event starts on March 31 and it’s gearing up to showcase some interesting designs.

One that deserves full attention is as friendly as its name – the Dundee. It comes from a builder called Iconic Tiny Homes, and apparently is one of its most successful models. Although not specifically marketed as such, it seems to be the perfect family home on wheels. If you had to remember just one thing about it, this would be it – excellent accommodation.

Tiny homes that boast not just one, but two loft bedrooms aren’t that rare anymore. Folks who are interested in long-term living are likely to be more interested in designs like this, where two separate bedrooms are the main feature. With more people ditching conventional housing in favor of tiny mobile homes, it’s natural to see more of these lofted homes pop up as well.

Dundee Tiny House
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
However, the Dundee stands out among two-loft homes. Instead of what is now the classic layout, with one loft at each end of the house, and separate stairs or ladders leading to them, this Aussie tiny brings them together.

A single staircase leads to the loft level, where the two bedrooms are separated by a generous wardrobe. This simple change has a tremendous effect. You can forget about uncomfortable ladders, crammed spaces, and even a feeling of unsafety.

The Dundee’s bedrooms are as close to conventional ones as it gets, thanks to this clever layout. They’re easy to reach, there’s plenty of room to move around, and that wardrobe is much more generous than what you’d expect from a tiny bedroom. The most interesting part is that the two rooms are connected, yet ingeniously separated. This way, you get both privacy and increased functionality.

But that’s not all. Below, on the main floor, the Dundee reveals an additional sleeping area. It’s the daybed in the lounge area, which can be used as a sofa during the day, and for additional accommodation at night.

Dundee Tiny House
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
The ground floor configuration is also atypical for a tiny home. Most of the time, the kitchen sits approximately in the middle, flanked, by the living room and the bathroom. In this case, as soon as you enter through the large, glass doors, you’re welcomed by the daybed in the lounge.

Again, we’ve got the same interesting mix of privacy and openness. A lot of tiny homes are designed with an open-space ground floor. The Dundee turns the typical lounge into an intimate nook – the side walls and discrete lighting make it much more cozy (and appropriate for sleeping, when needed) without being entirely closed off to the rest of the house.

The kitchen also makes excellent use of all the available space. The basic version comes with an electric oven, an induction hot plate, and a draw dishwasher. There’s room for a large fridge and plenty of storage. Best of all, the beautifully crafted American oak timber countertop doubles as a breakfast bar, with just enough space for two bar stools. It’s no lavish dining area, but good enough for a tiny home, especially since it doesn’t take any extra space.

Sitting next to the kitchen, Dundee’s bathroom is also surprisingly well-equipped for its compact design. It’s got a got a full-size shower, a wall-hung vanity, and a composting toilet.

Dundee Tiny House
Photo: Iconic Tiny Homes
With timber laminate flooring and large windows, with contrasting black frames, the Dundee looks stylish in a classic way, and uses all the natural light it can get. Both of the loft bedrooms also boast multiple windows and recessed lighting – simple additions that make a big difference.

Size-wise, all of the Iconic Tiny Homes are meant to be easily transportable anywhere across Australia. This means that they need to comply with the size regulations for caravans (a maximum width of 3.1 meters/10.1 feet). They come on a tri-axle trailer with electric brakes and stabilizers, and they’re delivered to the customer’s location by a third-party, specializing in towing.

As for the costs, the beautiful Dundee isn’t exactly cheap. Pricing starts at AUD $160,000 ($108,000) but this is a two-bedroom home, after all. Those who can make it to the Tiny Home Expo next week, will have the chance to admire it up close. For the rest of us, this Aussie tiny will remain a great source of inspiration.

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