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Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Countach Rendering Has Sesto Elemento-like Exposed Rear

It had been a while since we delivered an answer to a question nobody asked and we admit we were longing for a new episode of this kind. Well, here we are, in the midst of a Lamborghini story of this kind.
Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Countach Rendering 1 photo
Ever wondered how Lamborghini heresy looks like? For one thing, the concept is rather difficult to envision. After all, the Raging Bull itself started in a heretical way - imagine a tractor builder complaining about the imperfections of a Ferrari back in the day.

Well, we may have come across a piece that passes as the perfect Sant'Agata Bolognese Heresy. Fortunately, this is but a rendering, one that brings us a twin-turbo Countach.

With the pixels here having been rearranged by digital artist Jon Sibal, this looks like one mean machine. The boost-delivering setup is clearly visible at the back, with the twin turbos drawing attention like a magnet.

In fact, there's something about the exposed posterior of this Countach that reminds us of the Gallardo-reimagining Sesto Elemento concept. You know, the one friends call the under-one-ton Lambo (and for good reason). As for that generously-sized diffuser, this could very well come from a Gallardo or a Huracan racecar.

Given the racing setup that seems to be present on this imaginary octane behemoth, we can only imagine the vicious soundtrack such a beast would deliver while doing its purist-offending thing - keep in mind that Lamborghini is currently the only major supercar builder that remains fully committed to atmospheric engines.

And while this digital contraption might seem off, allow us to remind you the real world has already delivered something that's even more outrageous. We're talking about the Countach drag racer, a sprinting tool that comes with a supercharger the size of Italy. The purpose of such a vehicle? Low-7s quarter mile runs.


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