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Twin-Turbo Ferrari 812 Superfast Rendered as The Tuner Car from Hell

Try to understand the ways of the Internet and you'll quickly find that certain corners of the web are better taken just as they are. Let's take the topic of twin-turbo Ferraris, for instance.
Twing-Turbo Ferrari 812 Superfast 1 photo
When the Prancing Horse returned to the TT era earlier this decade, it wasn't just purists who cried. Plenty of aficionados argued that the benefits of natural aspiration, which went so well with the Prancing Horse spirit, were more valuable than any assets brought by turbocharging.

We're referring to qualities like the soundtrack, the immediate throttle response or the linear power delivery. Heck, given how tail-happy Ferraris are, it's easily to understand why the last is so valuable.

However, now that the Maranello lineup packs multiple three twin-turbo monsters, namely the Portofino, the 488 (with all its derivatives) and the GTC4Lusso T, it seems that the situation has finally been accepted.

In fact, Ferrari has dropped multiple hints on its plans - in order to meet the ever-increasing emissions standards, the carmaker is turbocharging its V8s, possibly adding a TT V6 and keeping the naturally aspirated V12s alive with the help of electrification, as multiple hybrid Fezzas are in the pipeline.

However, in its quest for the spectacular, the Internet just can't leave such matters alone. And this is how we end up with renderings like the one you find above.

Coming from a labeled called HPF Design, the pixel play portrays a Ferrari 812 Superfast that has been gifted with a twin-turbo setup.

And the TT transformation isn't the only extreme aftermarket piece fitted to the super-GT that is the 812. The rest of the bits and pieces are mainly focused on the aerodynamic profile of the V12 monster and we'll let you discover them by zooming in on the render.

And yes, once the upcoming Ferrari SUV shows up, there will be tons of rendering portraying extreme incarnations of the go-fast crossover.


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