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TV Star Ditches Luxury Mansion for a Custom Campervan, Ready for the Van Life

The van life fever is taking over celebrities as well, and not just for a few days of adventures on the road. This British TV star has taken a step that more and more people are going for these days – swapping a costly house with some form of mobile dwelling, be it a tiny home on wheels or a van.
TV Star Carol Vorderman swapped her mansion with a custom campervan 7 photos
Carol Vorderman is mostly known in the UK as the former Countdown presenter, but from now she would like to also be known for her van life adventures. The enthusiasm of purchasing a new van was so great that she even dedicated an Instagram page exclusively to it, and that is where she will be sharing her experiences on the road.

This was quite a bold decision for a TV star who could be enjoying the lavish luxury of a comfortable mansion. Indeed, Vorderman was the owner of a stylish Bristol mansion worth £2.6 million ($3.5 million). But last year she decided to part with her luxurious home, as the first step towards a new life. The 61-year-old celebrity started off the new year at full speed, introducing her fancy van to fans on social media.

Vorderman opted for a MAN TGE van, fitted with new wheels, and worth £40,000 ($54,000) according to The Mirror. She worked with the team at Van Life Builds, even sharing online the initial sketches of the future vehicle.

The TV star gave a short tour of the new campervan on social media, but there’s still work to be done. For example, she plans on adding a wood burner, but her favorite spot so far is the roof terrace. From the bed at the back, passengers can climb through the skylight and enjoy the great view from the top of the campervan.

Vorderman is still at the beginning of this new chapter in her life, so she’ll be sharing much more about her MAN campervan, now known as Vordersvan, in the future. Perhaps other celebrities as well will be downsizing and going for more freedom over the next years.


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