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Turns Out Android Users Are Better Drivers Than iPhone Owners

If you own an Android phone and want another reason not to switch to an iPhone, here’s a new study that gives Google’s mobile operating system a major lead over its Apple rival.
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Jerry study resultsiPhone 13 Pro lineupJerry study resultsJerry study resultsJerry study results
Car insurance comparison platform Jerry has conducted an analysis of the driving habits of 20,000 U.S residents, all with the purpose of figuring out who drives safer based on the mobile device they own.

The company analyzed a total of six different categories, namely overall safe driving, speeding, distraction, turning, braking, and accelerating.

And the results are surprising, to say the least. Android users outperformed their Apple counterparts in every single category, with the analysis revealing that Google customers typically drive safer than those with an iPhone.

The distraction comparison brought a pretty huge difference between the two, most likely as Apple users just can’t keep their eyes off the iPhone when getting behind the wheel.

More interesting is that Android users managed to outperform Apple customers regardless of things like age, gender, marital status, and even education.

Android users outperformed every time, often in a way that ran counter to the factors driving higher scores overall. Single Android users, for example, beat married iPhone users, and Android-using non-homeowners beat iPhone-carrying homeowners, and so on,” the study reveals.

Android users without a high school diploma scored higher than iPhone devotees with PhDs, master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

While the study itself compares Android and iPhone, its results are concerning, to say the least. The distraction behind the wheel, often caused by mobile devices, continues to be at very high levels, with drivers often taking their eyes off the road to read a message, post on Instagram, or even worse, watch a YouTube video.

Tech companies, including here Google and Apple, must do better to reduce the distraction behind the wheel, not only on the likes of Android Auto and CarPlay but on smartphones themselves as well.


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