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Turbo Polaris Snowmobile Is Hard to Master

Snowmobile owners are not at all shy to tune and upgrade their rides, even though in most parts of the world, the snow fun season is significantly shorter. Turbo chargers are a fairly common upgrade for these vehicles, as the power boost grants more fun, too.
Wheee! Turbo snowmobile! 1 photo
However, the maxed out power delivery needs some time to master, or so it appears. Now, it's obvious that the rider in this video is not wheeling his Polaris Pro RMK snowmobile for the first time.

Still, as he gets used to the new power discharge from his recently turbo-endowed machine, things don't seem to run all nice and smooth. Good to see that Bren is a smart fellow and wears a helmet, and equally good to see him unhurt.

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