Turbo LS2 Porsche 944 Makes 900 HP, Will Offend Purists

While the 944 might not be the purest manifestation of the Porsche spirit, the build that brought us here still has a serious potential for offending purists. In fact, the deeper we go into the story of this contraption, the higher the changes that the said camp will wish to throw rotten tomatoes at the screen. So here goes nothing...
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Turbo LS2 Porsche 944 Makes 900 HPTurbo LS2 Porsche 944 Makes 900 HPTurbo LS2 Porsche 944 Makes 900 HP
On a more serious note, we need to start with the purpose of this build in order to understand its parts. So this is a drift car and with the bar being set pretty high these days, its owner needed big power.

For the record, this is the project car of Fannar Thor, who likes to throw the thing sideways like a pro in Iceland. Sure, it's cold in that part of the world, but the massive turbo attached to the V8 engine of the car must keep the driver warm, even though the process might not be all that direct.

The engine compartment of this Porscha now accomodates an LS2 and, with the help of the said power adder, the machine makes 788hp and 886 lb-ft (1,202 Nm) at the rear wheels, hence the crankshaft approximation in the title above.

The driver does deserve plenty of credit for the slip angles you'll see in the first video below, especially given that the 944 has a short wheelbase, which doesn't exactly favor the sideways state. Then again, this is what makes the build special in the drifting realm, so here's a round of applause for Fannar Thor.

Oh, and you know what? This Porsche won't just please crowds at the racetrack. For one thing, the machine also likes to do the kind of stuff Santa Claus would enjoy, as you'll get to notice in the second clip below (the video on the right).

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