Turbo K24 Swapped Lotus Elise is Jetting 800 HP to the Tires, a True Rocket Ship

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Photo: Momentum Motorsport
Honda K24 Swapped Lotus EliseHonda K24 Swapped Lotus EliseHonda K24 Swapped Lotus EliseHonda K24 Swapped Lotus EliseHonda K24 Swapped Lotus EliseHonda K24 Swapped Lotus Elise
The Honda K-series of engines is the gift that keeps on giving. With the potential for V8 levels of power out of a compact and lightweight 2.4-liter four-cylinder block, it's the engine of choice for those who value lightness over raw displacement.
Funnily enough, that's the same design principle that spawned the Lotus Elise, the guiding philosophy of the company's tragically deceased founder Colin Chapman. But somehow, we think if he were able to gaze eyes at this 800-horsepower turbocharged monster with his brand's name on it, he'd be pretty darn happy. It comes to us via a native of Thailand named Chaiyos Tripuwaphrut.

Through the help of the tune-shop ECU=SHOP Factory in San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chaiyos removed the stock Toyota engine standard with this generation of Elise and swapped it with something only slightly larger but capable of so much more power it's almost hilarious. Scratch that. It most definitely is hilarious.

The very special sauce that comes with any K24 engine is the ability to handle more boost than most engines twice their size. Couple that with a Precision Gen2 6266 turbocharger, E-85 fuel modification, a Skunk2 Ultra Race intake manifold, and a TPS 90 mm throttle body with 2150cc injectors, and you have yourself something that can blitz quarter miles as well as it can shred a circuit track.

Power is fed from the middle section of the car back to a front-mounted Quaife QKE8J five-speed sequential transmission with a Tilton twin-plate clutch and Driveshaft Shop 5.9 axles. It's not a true manual, but it is at least a racing transmission through and through.

This Elise does come with a number plate
and registration tags, so it is at least legally able to drive on public roads. But let's be real, this creation is absolutely more at home on the track.
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