Tuner Claims to Have Developed the World’s First Flash Tune for the 2015 M3

The 2015 BMW M3 and M4 models are facing some of the same problems their recent predecessors have, when it comes to tuning. With such performance models, most people will be wishing for even more power and torque and will be looking to upgrade them in the easiest way possible. At the moment that’s ECU Flash Tuning.
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Photo: gsr autosport
That means you connect your car to a laptop/desktop, rewrite the Electronic Control Unit’s maps and get a different power output than what the manufacturer wanted the car to have in the first place. The reasons why most companies hold back when releasing a new model vary but they often include reliability problems, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

However, in the case of the Fxx models, ranging from the F01 7 Series to the most recent F82 M4, BMW apparently used a really well protected ECU whose encryption is extremely hard to get past. So far, nobody managed to bring out flash tuning for the F10 M5, F12/F13 M6 models and other such vehicles.

GSR Autosport though, claims to have done the impossible. In a recent post on Bimmerpost, the company claims that they managed to break the codes and reflash their own M4 to make more power. Unfortunately, there are a couple of pointers that seem to contradict them.

First of all, the new M3 and M4 are using the same ECUs as the F10 M5 that came out before them. For nearly two years, tuners have been working on bringing a flash tune to the market and all failed. Now, this company comes around and after less than a month, they claim to have achieved the impossible.

Second, the logs posted show a small power increase, nowhere close to the 50WHP they claim but rather closer to the stock numbers a variety of dyno tests showed.

Third, there are no details about the boost pressure and all the other elements that were changed to achieve this performance. No logs were provided and the company didn’t want to respond up until now.

However, one thing is working for them. There’s a rumor going around that the F Series encryption had been leaked. If that’s true, then cracking the codes isn’t necessary anymore and this could truly be the first flash tune available for the F models. Keep your fingers crossed!
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