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Tuned Infiniti Q60 vs Nissan GT-R Is a Family Feud Settled the Right Way

Is the Infiniti Q60 a match for the mighty Nissan GT-R? Well, not exactly, not even when it comes to the most agile variant of the sports coupe, which enjoys no less than 400 hp via the right pedal, and the first iteration of the R35.
Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60 7 photos
Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60Nissan GT-R vs. Infiniti Q60
The latter has a little under 500 hp on tap, and it is still fast, even by today’s crazy standards. The Q60, in the Red Sport 400 configuration, can deal with the 0 to 60 mph (0-97 kph) in just 4.5 seconds, aided by its twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6. The GT-R uses a V6, too, albeit with a larger displacement of 3.8 liters.

Now, it is obvious that the balance tilts in favor of the Godzilla in a straight-line sprint, only the Infiniti depicted on video down below is said to have been tuned. As a result, it is much quicker. At this point, you might be expecting to find out about the output, torque, and maybe the new zero to sixty time. But you shouldn’t get your hopes up, as we have no idea just how powerful and fast it is.

What we can tell you instead is that it can deal with the quarter mile in roughly ten seconds. This is highlighted in the footage embedded at the bottom of the page, taken at the Street Car Takeover supposedly a little over a month ago. The GT-R is not exactly a slouch either, as it, too, is capable of dealing with the quarter mile in ten seconds, the video reveals.

Thus, the two are quite evenly matched, and ultimately, it all comes down to the two drivers, and how skilled they are. That said, we won’t spoil the outcome, as you'll have to scroll down and hit the play button to find out which one was faster. And you won’t need to take a break for it either, as the clip is only 47 seconds long.


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