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Tuned Dodge Demon Pulls 9.33s 1/4-Mile Pass for a New Record

The drag racing world is currently boiling with Demon news, as the SRT halo car's quarter-mile passes keep getting spicier. And we're here to talk about the latest Dodge Challenger Demon quarter-mile record.
Tuned Dodge Demon Pulls 9.33s 1/4-Mile Pass 5 photos
Tuned Dodge Demon Pulls 9.33s 1/4-Mile PassTuned Dodge Demon Pulls 9.33s 1/4-Mile PassTuned Dodge Demon Pulls 9.33s 1/4-Mile PassTuned Dodge Demon Pulls 9.33s 1/4-Mile Pass
The feat took place during a recent velocity gathering held at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland. And while most events of the sort go from the drag strip to social media, this one used the opposite approach - dubbed YouTube callout, the battle was organized thanks to vloggers, who announced the event on their channels.

Since we already mentioned the 9.33s elapsed time of the Dodge Demon in the title, we'll also let you know that the trap speed of the machine sat at 148.9 mph.

And while this isn't a stock car, the mods fitted to the blown 6.2-liter heart of the thing aren't that serious. To be more precise, the HEMI was gifted with an upper pulley upgrade, 1,700cc injectors, catless mid-pipes and the mandatory ECU remap (since we're talking about a Demon, this is a race gas tune). Oh, and this Challenger has left its Nitto factory rubber behind in favor of Hoosier racing slicks.

It's worth mentioning that the previous record sat at... 9.38s, having been achieved by a Hennessey Performance-massaged Demon with around 1,000 hp. As for the mods installed by the Lone Star State tuner, we're talking about lower and upper pulley upgrades, stainless steel long-tube headers with high-flow catalytic converters and a race juice tune.

Meanwhile, we haven't heard of any factory stock Demon that has reached the official 9.65s quarter-mile time, even though high-9s runs have been delivered.

Of course, now that the Dodge Demon is approaching the 9.0s mark, sprinting dreamers already think about 8s runs. Such dreams require more serious mods and power isn't necessarily the issue here. Instead, modding aficionados need to help the Demon in the traction department and we can wait to get our hands on fresh info regarding such developments.

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