Tuned Bentley Continental GT Batur Feels Beside the Posh, Digital Mulliner Point

In between the numerous 2022 Monterey Car Week novelties, there was also the official introduction of the 2023 Bentley Mulliner Batur. And yes, it was another very special Continental GT transformation.
Tuned Bentley Continental GT Batur slammed rendering by ildar_project 19 photos
Tuned Bentley Continental GT Batur slammed rendering by ildar_projectBentley Mulliner Batur Rear ProfileBentley Mulliner Batur Side ProfileBentley Mulliner BaturBentley Mulliner Batur Aggressive Front ProfileBentley Mulliner Batur Bespoke GrilleBentley Mulliner Batur Unique WheelsBentley Mulliner Batur Looking Angry on the RoadBentley Mulliner Batur Active SpoilerBentley Mulliner Batur Mean Front End DesignBentley Mulliner Batur Side ProfileBentley Mulliner Batur Exquisite InteriorBentley Mulliner Batur Acoustic PatternBentley Mulliner Batur Custom Hyperactive Orange StitchingBentley Mulliner Batur 18 Karat Gold DialBentley Mulliner Batur Bespoke IndicatorsBentley Mulliner Batur Interior DesignBentley Mulliner Batur Interior Design
Bentley’s Continental GT is not only a ritzy yet somehow affordable grand tourer but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration to use as a blank, posh canvas to make it your own. No need to take our word for granted, as the lengthy string of versions and special editions spread across three generations stand easy, official testimony.

The latest – and arguably most glamorous – transformation came forth during the fabled Monterey string of events, in the form of the Bentley Mulliner Batur. When simplified, it can easily be labeled as the successor for the stunning, roofless two-seater barchetta called Mulliner Bacalar. On the other hand, the new Mulliner Batur reverts to a covered stance and features its bewildering design that may or may not inspire future Bentleys.

Naturally, it quickly became the CGI object of adoration for virtual automotive artists, who rushed to make it a convertible or splash its new styling DNA on top of the ailing Bentley Bentayga ultra-luxury crossover SUV. Alas, we never thought it could also go against the OEM current and feature a customized, tuner-style makeover.

Never say never, though, as proven by Ildar, the virtual artist better known as ildar_project on social media, who traditionally dabbles with tuned models - so here is his interpretation of Mulliner's latest hero. And, after a rather long string of BMW creations (including a stanced 5 Series traveler, also embedded second below), it was about time he switched brands.

Sure, in the end, this tuned Bentley Batur might look way besides the luxurious Mulliner point. But we are not mad at it – as the colors show dreams of epic motorsport encounters while the slammed attitude, massive wheels, and aggressive aerodynamic body kit signal this could be a monumental hoot, on and around the CGI track!

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Bentley Mulliner Batur.


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