TT Legends Documentary Episode 7 - Oschersleben 8 Hour Race

It’s Wednesday once more, so it’s time for a new episode from the captivating TT Legends Documentary. This time, Honda TT Legends are traveling to Germany for the 8-hour race at Oschersleben. Before the race, the team was installed in a rather comfortable second position in the Endurance World Championship, with a short gap from tem SERT, Suzuki being the best gang in the whole endurance business.
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And far more than the results, seeing TT Legends members themselves acknowledging the might of the Suzuki team offers a better picture of how much respect these fellows bear each other, despite a cut-throat rivalry on the track.

With Simon Andrews still recovering from his injuries, Team TT Legends employs once more the services of Jason O’Halloran as the third member of the riding crew. With him riding quite well at Suzuka, the team has high hopes at Oschersleben as well.

Watching this episode also provides a very interesting insight in what an Endurance World Championship team work means and how different the bikes are from the road bikes. Despite being developed form street-legal bikes, the Endurance machines have a different architecture and can be tore down and rebuilt in a matter of minutes.

The very structure of these bikes makes them very sturdy and prevents extensive damage in case of a crash. New, major frame, bodywork and electronics can be changes in less than 4 minutes and the team is constantly training for such scenarios, and trying to allow the riders back on track in the shortest time possible.

You’ll also be thrilled to see how big a difference can even refueling make, as Ulf, the man in charge with refilling the bikes experiences workflow issues. Still, as we’re dealing with a team’s joint efforts, even such dysfunctionalities are surmounted and the proper order of things restored in the TT Legends paddock

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