TT Legends Documentary Episode 2: the Bol D'Or 24hr Race

Honda TT Legends have uploaded the second episode of the documentary with the same monicker, and 6 more parts are also to be delivered each Wednesday.
TT Legends Documentary Episode 2 5 photos
TT Legends Documentary Episode 2TT Legends Documentary Episode 2TT Legends Documentary Episode 2TT Legends Documentary Episode 2
Episode 2 provides the viewers with an insight in the amazing Bol D'Or 24-hours endurance race at the Magny Cours circuit in France.

If you expect to see knight in shiny armor covered with advertisement glory, you'll be disappointed, as an endurance race is a true ordeal, just like its name says.

On the other hands, in case you're looking for tough men riding fast machines in the rain and cold weather, a team which hold on tight despite the tens of tensed hours, all working together for a better result, then you're in for quite a treat.

And the TT Legends has only finished in the 6th position, so this is not exactly the cliche happy ending for an episode. This documentary shows exactly what hardcore racing is about, with Mr. Pint unable to hide his emotions, Cameron taking a fall, and Simon Andrews barely being able to ride because of the pain.

And a bike rebuilt in 10 minutes! Episode 1 here.

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