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True Subaru BRZ Concept Coming to LA Auto Show

The picture you see above is of what probably was the most disappointing concept to at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. However, Subaru might will change all that soon. The full production version of the BRZ sportscar is expected to be revealed at this year’s Tokyo show, but we might get a sneak peak before that.
2011 Subaru BRZ Prologue Concept 1 photo
According to Car and Driver, the proper BRZ Concept will be revealed with real sheetmetal in Los Angeles. As you might already know, it will have two other sportscar siblings, the FT-86 from Toyota and the FR-S from Scion.

Subaru was keen to show what it can do with rear-wheel drive, and has developed a car with a very low center of gravity. It will be powered by a 2.0-liter block that mixes Subaru’s speciality, the boxer engine, and Toyota’s advanced injection technology.

The BRZ will probably be the best equipped of the three in its stock form, and might eventually get an STI version with more power.


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