Truck Lands On Boats After Doing Doughnuts Near Marina

It seems so obvious now that it happened, how and why it happened, but we’re sure it must have seemed like a great and exciting idea at the time. A man from Westpointe, Michigan, was out near the Harrison Township marina, when he decided to do a few doughnuts in his Dodge Ram truck - while drunk.
Ram Crash 4 photos
The Ram-Boat IncidentThe Ram-Boat IncidentThe Ram-Boat Incident
Being intoxicated, the man easily lost control of what is not a very maneuverable machine and ended up on top of two boats which were anchored very close to the pier. Thankfully for the driver, his truck didn’t end up in the water (a very dangerous situation), but those two boats sure look like they could use a bit of doing up after the incident.

The man who caused the incident was arrested Saturday night, and left the next day after posting his $100 bail. He will also have some explaining to do to the boat owners and he will not recover his license until the matter is settled.

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